Friday, August 31, 2018

final friday

I am lucky enough to not work Fridays in the summer. The 4-10 hour schedule allows for many more days of adventuring, and three days weekends are always the best. Sadly, it must come to an end this week. Even with the too hot, then smoky, days left out, there was plenty of time for exploring:

standard lake view is never boring

but the kayaking view is much cooler

and the view from below of the suspension bridge is dizzying

seeing all the Seabiscuit memorabilia at the State Fair

A cloudy, and welcome, road trip

camping adventures, with many marshmellows

Truckee hiking the abandoned train tunnels
Riding was first, but there were so many things to do: hiking, camping, kayaking all about. It was a very full summer.
neat rocky exploring


my favorite ocean spot (Salt Point)

And a different perspective on the Foresthill bridge

Oh boy, these are wanting-to-be naughty (and run in the sand) ears
Cooler (yeah!) and shorter (boo) days are coming. I don't plan much ahead, but I know there are new adventures awaiting…


  1. omgosh it's still SO HOT here. Your water pics are killing me. There is no water here to go in! Back home there was always a lake or ocean or creek. It's in the high 80s today with a thick "FOG" hanging everywhere, that's not fog at all - it's humidity. My winter edition of my horse catalog just arrived and it shows people riding in snow. I'd take some rain please...

    1. The water is my escape, when it's so hot there are lots of creeks, rivers and lakes to go play in. Spent 6 hours kayaking the river on the 96 degree Saturday, it was great. I will wish us both some rain soon!

  2. Just scrolling through this made me feel happy and relaxed <3