Thursday, June 7, 2018


Last weekend provided two contrasting rides, and reminded me why I love having a versatile horse. Major was an all-star!

alone, together (Major is wearing bored ears, we are not going fast enough and he has to deal with it!)

Ride 1: Fast Conditioning Ride, by ourselves
Ride 2: Sweeps Qualifying Ride, 6 other riders

similar: blue skies

Ride 1: 14 miles, 2 hours
Ride 2: 7 miles, 2 hours

similar: forever views

Ride 1 highlights: speeding along empty singletrack, rocks and trees, fast and fun, trying to find lake access but the water is too high, walking home though the blooming meadow
Ride 2 highlights: showing our skills (and being a good boy!), including leapfrog game, backing up hills, offside mounting/dismounting, ponying a naughty horse, tailing, tight quarters manuevering and behaving yourself at the trailer. (and we qualified, yeah!)

Then Major got to rest after a 21 mile weekend, and I got to…clean the trailer! Another contrast: why is it so much more satisfying to clean the trailer than the house?

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