Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Right now, we're about as exciting as creeping moss.

creeping moss is creepy
New Years Day ride

The first of the year was sunny, and allowed for a nice, uneventful ride (always the goal for New Year!). Then it decided to give us a months worth of rain in two days. So it got very soggy.

Then the fog came in (on little cat feet) and sat in the valley. Cold and clinging, the fog ride was damp and made everything quiet, except for the soft snorting of Major as we headed out. Two weeks off may have been too much even for a pastured horse, but he has learned to mostly behave himself, and we came home, uneventfully.


always better share with friends
So Major and I go hiking after work (hills are much harder from the ground). And he eats grass and I watch the deer graze. The tracking app I use sent me my 2017 statistics, but even that wasn't motivating enough to make any plans. I should probably prune the last of my roses, and clean my tack, and...

we climbed enough to be in the stratosphere!

should prune, but so pretty after rain

Sorry, I got distracted by this good book, cup of tea, and comfy chair (or some football games, great fun lately). There will be time for some more adventures later. Until then, I'll savor the uneventful (because it always changes…)

muddy face looking for change

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