Monday, March 20, 2017

stolen moments

A day off work. Sunny and almost too hot for March. And the trail ahead.

After slopping through more mud than I expected (still?!), we found the sand. The lake is low to allow for the snow to fill it (and 190% of normal snow levels makes for a lot of water). The sand is deep, and we just walk (and not rolling! I had to remind Major).

Folsom dam in the distance

grass, sand, and distant snow

We had a view of the Folsom dam one direction, and the snow-buried mountains in the other. The breeze played with Major's mane, as he looked toward home. It was just a moment, but it was all I needed this day.


  1. Never ceases to impress me, the comfort we get from horses.

  2. What a gorgeous view between those ears <3

  3. Sounds like exactly what you needed and good boy Major! Love the orange and black tack btw

    1. it was great. I love my tack, and Major loves his halter/bridle without a browband, less places to be itchy!