Friday, January 20, 2017

enough already

Atmospheric river. Pineapple express. Deluge. Flood. Rain.

Whatever you call it, I'm done. Does Northern California have no concept of moderation? I know we were in a terrible drought, but this is overdoing it.

I managed to sneak out between storms and "ride" the lake trail. Really I slip-slided between debris piles, then argued with Major the whole way home. Ten slow miles does not take the edge off a fit, bored horse.

there is a trail under the debris

And a quick hike with Major yesterday in the mucky forest made me very proud of myself for not falling in the inches-deep muck. I did not take his suggestion to go home down the steep, slippery hill trail. I took the longer but flatter way home. I'm so smart! Until rock hopping across the water, slipping with my muddy shoes, and ending up IN the creek. I think Major just laughed. I walk/squished my way back to the stable.

Major: I'm not laughing at my drenched human...I'm not...

I'm happy the reservoirs are filling. I'm happy the mountains are covered in snow. I'm happy that maybe our Spring grasses will last longer. But with at least three more days of rain on the radar, I'm gritting my teeth (that may still have mud in them) and settling in for a long winter.

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