Wednesday, December 21, 2016

conversation with major: gift

Hey, you're here! But it's dinnertime? And already dark?!
I know, sorry I'm so late.
I ate my mash.
I see that.
Now I have hay!
You always have hay in your net.
This is NEW hay. It's better.
Ok. But do you want to leave dinner and go for a walk? (hold up halter, jingle of halter tags)
Yeah, lets go!

I had a very long day at work Major.
I played bite face with my neighbor Drummer.
Well, I had to meet with the company president and a big committee.
Then I ate more hay, and took a nap in the mud.
I see that.
My stuff was more fun.
I agree.

Dark grass is extra good.
Dark grass?
It's dark. I'm eating grass. Dark grass.
 I can only see your blaze and one white foot.
I can see for both of us.
Not sure if I trust you on that one.
Is that why you have the sharp bright?
The what?…Oh, my flashlight?
Too bright!
Ok, no flashlight. The clouds are covering the moon, but it is enough.
Over here. More grass.

So, what do you want for a holiday present Major?
What holiday?
Solstice, Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah…whatever you celebrate.
More than dark grass? And mash? And new hay? And mud naps?
Well yeah, I could buy you a present.
More than that?
Well, yes.
Do you have a carrot in your pocket?
Then I'm good. Grass mash hay naps carrot. I don't need anything.
You're right Major. You're right.

Happy Solstice everyone. May your days be lighter.


  1. Blessings to you and yours this coming year. May the returning sun brighten your days.

  2. I suppose this time of year the grass is best in California? I often think of my horse Baasha in heaven, never wandering too far from heaven's mud pit. Cuz for our geldings, it wouldn't be heaven without mud.

    1. Lots of gorgeous green grass right now. If it wasn't for the mud, the trails would be gorgeous. I am so glad Major is bay, I can pretend to not see the mud some days...