Monday, September 26, 2016

trailer modification: hanging stuff

The trailer is an ever-evolving storage space. Sometimes saddles and tack and extras for endurance rides, sometimes day-ride stuff, soon winter blankets and more. Always it has brushes and boots, emergency supplies and water, feed and tack. Just add horse, ready to go! But so much stuff!

Keeping it organized was a chore, I'd rather ride. The thing is my aluminum trailer didn't have any way to screw something into the wall. Enter my clever SO who figured out an awesome hanging basket system.

This should work for any trailer (especially aluminum) with "channel" type supports. The baskets are sturdy, they're not coming down. Sometimes a few little things come falling out, (but maybe if I didn't have the baskets so jammed packed that wouldn't be an issue!) All you need are many washers, nuts and bolts, basket of your choice (mine are from Ikea) and a little time, but not long, I promise! One washer in the channel, one on the outside, basket, washer, bolt, nut, tighten, done!

simple washer, bolt and nut

washer sandwich supports baskets!
plenty of storage

In a few years of use, only a couple nuts have loosened and come off, I keep extras in the trailer supplies box (because finding one lost nut on the floor of a dark trailer isn't gonna happen).

washer nut bolt system also works on wood hanging rail
and a tool rack!
 I'm also never without many bungee cords and caribiners. They solve a myriad of problems!

I use bungees like this to wrap around the pile o' buckets so they don't roll all over

giant caribiners support little caribiners with pads and girths galore

The whole trailer is able to stay pretty well organized with this. And even if it isn't organized, it's at least off the floor! When I was a kid that was how we cleaned our room: as along as the floor was clean and Mom could walk across it, it counted as clean! I'll take it.

organize all the things!

Major doesn't care about any of it. Except where the food is stored (black plastic box). Now to go for a ride!

just stop with the orange mom!

P.S. Another trailer item: The tack room vinyl floor I replaced four years ago has held up great! I love it, so easy to clean! So much better than the gross carpet (what terrible idea is that in a horse tack area?)


  1. Love the baskets. I'm planning on replacing my stupid carpet soon too.

    1. The baskets are great, but the carpet replacement will be the best thing you've ever done to your trailer, really!

  2. All so ingenious! I LOVE organizing and can't wait for the day in the future when I have my own trailer to organize. I will hang All The Things.