Friday, August 5, 2016

conversations with Major: boring

Week 3 (of vet-prescribed rest)
I'm bored. 
I know, but you have a hurt leg and are supposed to be resting
I ran around the pasture today.
Yes, they told me. You're not supposed to!
I couldn't take it anymore!
Ok, let's go for a walk. 

Stop stopping. 
But there is something!
No, there isn't.
I think we should turn back.
Don't do it buddy.
Ouch, lots of sticker bushes grabbed me!
Yes, now stay back there.
But I like being in the front.
You were not being a good leader. 
Fine. It's boring back here. 
Boring can be good. 
No. Carrots are good. Apples are good. Boring is boring. 

Week 4
Stand on the manhole
There's a man in there?! Scary!
No, but there are evil clowns (reminder: never read Stephen King's "It" again). Just stand.
Fine, this is dumb. I only have to do this when you're riding. 
No, you have to do it when I ask. 

Week 5
Look at all the things!
It's boats on the water Major. 
Going fast, making music, so much fun!
Want to stand and watch awhile?
Yes, this is not boring!

Ok, time to head back. Please stop creeping up and breathing down my back
I'm not.
You are, you're right there!
Backing up...nope, not me!
Walk on.
(Hot breath)
Knock it off!
It's boring back here. And you're not very scenic. 
Excuse me?

Week 6
Wait, I need this!
There is nothing in there dude.
Could be, gotta check.
Come on, let's stay out of the neighbor's hay bag. 

What's in here?
Not your stuff, leave it.
Could be tasty?
I wouldn't pull that string Major. Are you a dog?
Could be food?
I don't think so. 
Not grass.
Yeah, it's just a green wire. How about we stay out of the neighbors trash?

Week 7
Time for a short ride Major, behave. 
Um, no, but let's try. 
The lake, the lake!
I know, your favorite trail is back from being underwater!
Let's go!
No, just walking. 
That is boring.

Just a bit longer, but if you want we can play in the lake?
Let's go!
Ok, here we are. 
Love the lake! So much fun. Not boring!
Not too deep! Stop pawing!
Can't hear you, I'm snorkeling!
Glad you're not bored Major. 

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  1. You are such a handsome guy ... even while bored and resting, or because ?

  2. Hopefully you are back on the trail again. It has been a long time since I blogged or perused others blogs. I love your pics and blogging-fun (and sometimes sad)
    Thanks for sharing

    1. We're back and Major is definitely trying to be difficult and NOT bored! Glad you're back blogging (and visiting).

  3. New follower here! Haha This post made me laugh. I have conversations like this with my bud all the time. Btw: Major is simply gorgeous!

    1. welcome! And I'll tell Major, though he thinks he is too awesome already!