Tuesday, August 18, 2015

summer fridays

All summer I have Friday off of work, so that means a free day for adventures. And you never know what you might find…

creepy naked staring baby doll, some kid is heartbroken, or really glad they lost it!

Like a naked lost baby doll? I found this at Empire Mine, the last Friday off of the summer. These are lovely, wide, shaded, well-maintained trails, 14 miles worth, though many only .2 and .4 miles long, with lots of little loops and spurs. We crossed the road to a larger area, with more nice trails, great for a day of casual riding, not much of a training area.

not too difficult!

some type of old mining building

pretty bridge

Major wonders why we are stopping for yet another pile of mine tailings?

best buddies (right before Major smeared his messy face all over Friday)

I love Empire Mine for the historical building and mining equipment (see photos from September 2013), the beautiful rose garden, none of which you can access on horses. So I'll go back for that!

There were many other Friday adventures, with and without horses. I saw fun things and ate fair food (can't leave without a funnel cake) at both the State Fair and local fair.
local fair mule racing

Zoltar is just awesome, anyone else love "Big" the movie?

I had lots of water and swimming time, including my favorite Yuba River swimming hole, Sierra lakes, and a fabulous, nearly empty, black sand beach.

Lion Head rock

Culbertson Lake

black sand beach

Major explored the oddly-maintained ("I see dead people" weirdly-stacked wood) at Hidden Falls, and showed Friday (the horse) the correct way to utilize the water trough. And how to clean up your trailer messes at the end of a ride…

weird, just weird

no, splash THIS way!

rice bran was harmed in the making of this mash

There were local explorations on hot summer evenings and views of dwindling lakes.
inspiration point lookout

sacrifice rock on a muggy evening

canyon view

And now free Summer Fridays are over. It is a little darker earlier every evening, but Summer is not over: moonlight rides are calling, cooler evening rides beckon…get out and play while you can…


  1. With your first and last words you spoke out of my soul. If you go out you will have adventures. Thats were you can check on people who just tell stories, if never is something happening, they weren't really out! And 'playing', yes I love to play! Totally impressed by your Friday off concept for summer, that's 'quality of life'.

  2. What a grand summer of Fridays. Love that last photo.