Monday, March 2, 2015

golden time

I was crabby. A 4:30 a.m. start to a super long annoying day at work that had led to me not getting off in time to ride. I wasn't in the mood to ride after dark in the forest. I didn't want to saddle up. I didn't want to hop on bareback. I wasn't in the mood to deal with any naughty behavior. But I also didn't feel like sitting around. In short, I admit, I was having a bit of a tantrum. Hey, it happens to us all sometimes (I hope!).

So I took a hike. Literally.

skeptical horse is reluctant

Major was a bit skeptical heading out on our hike. But he likes my recent plan: learn to walk and chew gum.

why are you up on that trail, just get on!

He will not grab a bite of grass while his feet are moving. I've never reprimanded him for trying, he doesn't even try. Stop moving, and he'll gobble it up. Every horse I have ever ridden will snatch grass when given the chance. Major is special. And annoying! My new strategy is to walk, slow way down, let him get a good taste, and I keep walking. When I get to the end of the lead rope I give a tug and a click, he comes trotting up to me, repeat.

hiking view: worth it
Golden sunset. Maybe it's not so bad out here, we should go back

He's getting better, but Major still can't walk and chew gum. But the green grass is overwhelming. And once I was out there, a mile into the forest, with my horse slightly ridiculously stopping and trotting to catch up, I felt much better. A stop with a lovely view sealed the deal. And back home I let him gobble the tall grass for awhile, and then snack outside his pasture (because the grass tastes better out there).

I can't hear you, my mouth is too full

sunset snack

Major and our hike got me out of my funk, though I was disappointed that I'd be away during the weekend. With a (hopeful) endurance ride coming up in two months, I was worried about continuing conditioning. Then I read the great "Check your privilege" blog, and I realized missing a weekend of riding to visit my grandmother was an important "excuse."

the drive was beautiful

goat hill! at the old dairy
I visited Grandma, and had a great time, went for some lovely walks "back home" and just decided to enjoy the time I had where I was, even if it wasn't conditioning the horse.

The small lake that felt so huge when I was a kid

the carousel at the park where I always wanted to ride the jumping one

curious geese

Because there will be rides, and hikes, there will be horses and there will be more views. But there aren't more grandmas.

fields of mustard

the trail less traveled

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  1. I hear you, I've been doing things like that lately in the time I could be getting miles.. just hiking, or grooming horses, or nitpicking at their hoof trims. I enjoy their presence, I'm sightly demoralized on endurance, but when with them, and if I'm well exercised myself, it's all good.