Sunday, February 8, 2015

rainy day checklist

1. Go outside to garage to make feed bags

2. Get distracted and take random yard photos in the rain. 

Shiny things 

Pretty winter camellia

Old tonka truck

Watch out for dinosaurs 

3. Now make feed bags, take to the stable

4. Give pitiful horse a mash...just because. He's not even wet!

5. Take all the tack home to clean. 

Wash girths

Clean rest of tack in the bathtub

Clean saddle (with supervision from SO's cat, Jack)

6. Make big vat of spaghetti sauce (with more supervision by Jack). (Favorite after ride food: my Mom's spaghetti sauce, freezes great.)

7. Don't forget to pack lunch for work tomorrow.

P.S. Remember to make lists after the fact, that way it feels like you got everything done!


  1. I notice how your girths are always so clean, I think we use the same girth and I recently washed mine in the machine but didn't know how to protect the machine from the buckles so I ripped up an old cloth and tied knots, not very effective. What exactly are you using?

    I wonder why it's Wesley, Data, and Picard, I mean, Wesley? If I had such a lunch box, I'd be afraid to use it - isn't it very valuable?

    Your dinosaurs: "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

    I'm eating spaghetti all week too because I made a huge amount, well, I don't have a vat so not as much as you probably: )

  2. For the girths I use a mesh bag, I think it's supposed to be for transporting laundry. It is sturdy enough to protect the washer. I just throw some old towels in there too, everything gets nice and clean! In the summer I just hose down the girths with the spray nozzle and scrub brush, but this is even easier!

    I know, Westley, right? At least he's not wearing a ridiculous sweater. (Do you know this site, Fashion it So. It analyzes Star Trek TNG fashion and is hilarious) I recently bought the lunch box for a whopping $15. I'd rather play with my toys than keep them mint in box!

    I don't like leftovers more than once, so I make the vat and freeze it in 2-cup increments, enough for a dinner for two and leftover lunch. Made 12 bags, so simple easy dinner (since I truly hate cooking, unless it is sweets. Oh, and I made the brownies you recommended, they were delicious, totally my go-to brownies recipe now, so thanks!)

  3. OK I'll try to find a mesh bag. Like you in Summer I just a highpowered hose and that seems to work as well as the machine. Thanks for the Star Trek site! I'll check it out. And I'm thrilled you had success at the brownies - they're so simple to make, but so finicky about cooking time.