Wednesday, December 31, 2014

welcome quietly 2015

I spent the last day of the year with the best view ever. 

While 2014 may not have gone as planned, I have no regrets. The expectation was of endurance plans, which were sidelined by an abscess and ulcers, then time and budget constraints.

But I still got this view all year. Major and I had a wonderful time on the trail. We did some great training (just passed the 600 mile mark) on beautiful trails, saw our average mph increase as we both got more comfortable at speed, and mainly had more fun than fights.

I hope 2015 brings many adventures with my quite brave (where the hell are you going, that's not trail?!) sure-footed (not OVER the rock!), very forward (just slow from warp speed please) horse. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Truly the best view. Especially when it's actually green out on the trails at last. Happy new year to you and your super cute boy!

  2. Happy New Year to you & Major! Hope the year takes you on many more great trails! Love the photos - he looks so young!

  3. Major looks sooooo cute in the last picture:) It sucks that your plans didn't work out, especially for such crappy reasons, but I hope that 2015 brings you many more happy miles with your ever-expressive partner!