Monday, November 24, 2014

the universe laughed

Went hiking for the lost hoof boot on a lovely, rainy Saturday. A good solid rain, which we haven't seen enough of, made the trails slick but pretty. I thought I'd find the lost boot: it's bright orange, most things are getting green, it can only be on about 1.5 miles of trail. I did find an orange boot!

ha ha universe, NOT funny! Found this at the waterfall crossing...

Seriously. The universe is laughing at me. Didn't find the real boot, damn. But it was still a pretty hike.

Calcutta Falls

big fall leaves

last week this little creek was totally dry

happy moss

Also managed a short ride in the quick sunset last week. Thought I'd just hop on Major bareback, he'd be fine, right? Not so much. I need to use the bareback pad, he's just to damn slick and had no interest in listening/stopping in his halter. So we mostly hiked instead! But still managed to see cool stuff.

looking stylish, being obnoxious

blurry zoom of an unconcerned bobcat drinking from a puddle

mushrooms happy to arise from damp earth

This week I'm going try and sneak in a ride between pie-baking and family visits. This coming weekend many friends are attending the last local endurance ride of the season and I'm totally envious. But between work, family, finances and logistics, I just couldn't make it happen. It sucks to be disappointed, but it's a disappointment that's easy to get over. I am still going to ride my happy horse, and doing fun things with family and friends, and be thankful.


  1. LOL. So sorry you didn't find the hoofboot but that's hilarious about the other boot! And great capture with the bobcat shot, blurry or no!

  2. It sucks that you didn't find the hoof boot, and yet, I can't help but giggle about human boot you did find. And once again - gorgeous pics!:)

  3. omg NO WAY did you find that different sort of orange boot, that is just a bit cruel universe!

    Great bobcat pic! lol'ing but sympathetic on Major looking good but being obnoxious..