Tuesday, October 21, 2014

other words

Sometimes other people just say it better. Somehow say the exact thing you're thinking at the time. And who better to say it than Batman?

OK, let me backtrack. I flew down the trail on Sunday, letting Major pick the pace, just going with it. Which always makes for a fun ride, with a bit of stress and insanity thrown in to boot. Being right on the edge isn't my usual choice in life, but with a horse like this, I compromise. What do I want? I perfectly controlled 8mph trot, an absolute halt with the tiniest pressure on the reins, the same horse going away from home as coming back.

Well I don't have that. And while I work towards it, through the fights and trail arguments, through the compromise and solutions, my mind keeps thinking. And I come to this idea over and over, and never find very good words. But it's still there, simmering, in the back of my mind.

So I drive to work the next day, listening to some podcasts, good old random NPR interviews. And Batman says just what I'm thinking. My favorite movie Batman, Michael Keaton, being interviewed about his new movie and life. And he rode horses! (See I knew I liked him). And gave a great description:

INSKEEP: Oh, so it sounds like living in love for you is letting go of things, not holding things against people?

KEATON: Oh, man, it's a lot of things. Courage, I guess you could say, you know, not constantly putting yourself in a position where you're kind of screwed, you know. You're out of flow as soon as you start tightening up, right? And you usually tighten up if you're fearful. That's why, you know, acting's such an interesting kind of way to make a living. It's such an interesting art form or trade or craft - whatever it is - because when it's being done - well, I think at least for me - is you're 100 percent present, and at the same time, you just totally let go. I used to compete riding cutting horses, and this is a trained horse, trained to do a certain thing.


KEATON: And you have to hope that at that point, your horse is so well-trained and his or her instincts are so strong, that you have to trust the animal. You know, I'm just going to let go, man. I can't tighten up my legs. I can't get too locked up in my body. And at the same time, I've got to stay 100 percent present. That's essentially for me what I'm doing. You know, I'm locked in solid. And at the same time, I'm just not in control of it at all. You just kind of let it occur.

This was an NPR interview, Morning Edition, Michael Keaton interviewed by Steve Inskeep. Check out the whole short interview, it's great.

I love that. "you're 100 percent present, and at the same time, you just totally let go." Excellent words from Batman.

Major being 100% present,  playing with Bandit


  1. I LOVED that interview.

    I was doing barn chores with my headphones on, thinking - no bullshit - that man knows about riding and horses.

    How cool you were listening too. :D

    1. Fellow NPR nerd, awesome! Yes, he knew horses, because that description is spot on.