Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to the canyon

It had been awhile since I trailered out. Major thought so too and almost jumped in the trailer! We headed out early to ride, and what better choice today than the end of the Tevis trail?

This week I saw some horses camped at the fairgrounds, settling in, pre-riding the final few miles. Today all the trailers were gone, headed to Robie Point to ride camp, vet, and await the start early tomorrow. 

I followed the ribbons down, trying to convince Major it was our endurance ride and maybe he shouldn't be so lazy. He changed his mind and charged across No Hands and up the other side, where we went off trail and headed up to Cool instead.

It was hot, dry and dusty, and I finished at 11am. The Tevis riders will be dealing with the heat and so much more: elevation, rocks, physical and mental exhaustion. For 100 miles. I am humbled by their talent and dedication. My 12 miles was paltry in comparison, a mere 12% of what riders will attempt tomorrow.

I will be watching from the sidelines, too many other commitments this year to help out. Thanks to all the many volunteers and crew who make it possible. And a big good luck to all the Tevis riders. Safe travels. 

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