Thursday, June 12, 2014

four rides

Four rides with my heart in my throat. Was that a bad step? Will adding distance make him lame? What about speed?

So in the last two weeks we’ve completed a cautious four rides. Three shorter rides, though I did add speed to the last one. And one longer 15 mile ride. And Major seems OK.

Folsom or Belize? The white sand is amazing..and hot!
gazing off at the dam
But the time off and worrying has made me doubtful. I have no problem skipping the upcoming Wild West endurance ride, though it’s so lovely. Not enough training (having missed almost all of May), I don’t feel that my horse is perfectly 100%.

To do this this I need 100% And not just 100% on the day, but on many, many days leading up to an event. How many? I don’t know. Call it a gut feeling. I have one partner. He trusts me to do the right thing. When Major was first off (from an abscess) and I thought about missing upcoming rides, was disappointed, etc. Now I know I’d be more disappointed to not have my horse, even if it meant he was “just” a trail horse. (I know there is no “just” in trail horses, one of the hardest things around to do well). 

So we’re kicking back. It’s been 100+ degrees, and I take him out of his pasture to snack grass in the shade, swish off flies, and watch him play with the traveling panels someone leaned near my trailer (he also pulled off many of the velcro pieces, why we could never have a pen!)

pulling off velcro
let's move these panels!

I know the bug to get out and move for many, many miles will catch me sooner or later. But only if the whole team is good to go. Leave no one behind, or hurt, or unhappy. That is my goal before adventures, or miles, or completions.

why we can't have nice things


  1. It's so scary when they're NQR. He's such a cute guy :) I'm glad he's hanging in there - maybe he just needs a good long rest?

    1. It's so hard. He has had lots of time off, but I do think I'll just give him more. I could do the vet, full work up, etc, but I'm not sensing any really serious problem. Time may heal. He won't mind the grassy walks, I just get anxious to ride!

  2. Good to see you today at Expo!!

    Major sigh on the NQR. Not knowing is so hard. But listening to your gut is just right.I think my feelings mirror yours on early disappointments now tempered to frustrated acceptance and true horse appreciation.

    1. I sure didn't find much at Expo this year, hope you didn't buy too much for Sheeza!

      You've certainly had highs and lows, I do think gut feeling when you've been around them long enough counts for something.

  3. Ugh on Major still not feeling quite 100%. But I think it's awesome that you are so tuned into him that you notice. Here's hoping that rest will fix whatever is wrong. And...I'm glad to see there is another horse out there who gets into trouble:) My guy has gotten much better as he's gotten older, but every once in awhile, I get out to the barn and hear, "You'll never believe what Nimo did today!" I feel lucky if it doesn't cost me money to repair:)