Friday, January 31, 2014


classy Major

My glorious apple-eating steed welcomes you to Year of the Horse. I know most pictures are "oh my horse is so cute." Yeah, this, not so much. Dirty, goofy, eating an apple, this is reality. But still cute to me!

We had some rain! My unofficial rain gauge (mason jar on my deck railing) said about a quarter-inch, woo, hoo. But even that lackluster appearance made the air better, and gave a tiny bit of hope for the season.

Major of course thought he was melting. And was supposedly trapped and hiding under his shelter. Because wet stuff was falling again. But happily came to the gate to go for a walk in said wet stuff. Which is obviously totally different when someone is taking you to get snacks.

A scarce bunch of hidden grass, we trampled down some blackberries to get to this deliciousness.

This should be a season of rest and rejuvenation. I like to give Major some time off, but with the weather so weird it's been more riding in January than usual. We both feel the need to get out! But not much serious training, that can wait.

streets where the park is! love it! Of course the neighborhood is tract houses...

So my own feet have propelled me along. A short jaunt a couple hours away to visit friends and family, quietly enjoying the season. A little hike in a suburban park. Someone joked long ago that new subdivisions and streets were named after that which they displaced (Oak Creek, Deer Park, and here, Arabian Bridle Path!).

dry fields should be covered in green

oaks stand sentinel, they've seen droughts before

the lazy Russian River meanders past exposed gravel
glorious sunset

waiting for more rain

This winter season may not be what I expected, but it is still lovely in it's strange austerity. And we're still going to get out and enjoy the trails, just inhaling dust much sooner than usual!


  1. Like us - dry as a bone! with one little pretend rain day last week. We had almost spring-like weather yesterday.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  2. You take such beautiful pictures :) I always look forward to them!

    We got enough rain to wet the ground, but not the ground under the trees in the park. But like you said, at least it cleared the air some, and the mountains got a little bit of snow...