Thursday, November 14, 2013


sunset from the top of Stabby Hill

Not much time. No time for saddle or bridle, just breeches and a helmet, heading into the gathering dusk. I'm heading into the forest on a super hot, fit horse, who has been running around like a madman lately. Probably not the best of ideas, but I know him well enough (I always hope!)

We cantered away from home (so much more comfortable than trot when bareback). Deep into the forest, too much chance of deer encounter, let's slow it down. Until we get to Stabby Hill. He asked, I let him go.

We flew up the hill, around stabby branches, over rocks, and arrived puffing at the top, for the last few rays of sunset. Major stood quietly, even after our quick adventure, and I hugged my furry pony. Good boy! Of course he wanted to prance home like an idiot, darkness was here, dinner was waiting, but the forest quiet was invigorating for the few moments we had.

We were able to fit in a non-dark weekend ride. Just a quick morning, not too long, not too far, just a good time to get out with friend C and Friday. A 100-mile run was taking place the same time (though they wouldn't be back for more than 12 hours!). I think Major recognized the ribbons: endurance event!

I noticed the trail marking was pretty erratic, sometimes a whole bunch of confidence ribbons, sometimes nothing, and they grouped ribbons even when there was no turn. Interesting. The run also had some fun inspirational signs posted along the trail (which is such a fun idea). Some signs were funny too, though I couldn't get a picture of those, they were sandwiched between a picnic table, two new signs and a guided group of about 20 hikers with sticks, cameras and backpacks. Decided I didn't need to try for that picture. There was a run support table with hanging pineapples (not scary), a hula table skirt (a little scary, I will now be getting a hula skirt to torment, I mean train Major) and a ride volunteer, who went to pet Major on the nose and shocked him. He was mightily offended, ouch!

We were on happy horses, hot in their winter fur with temperatures of almost 75 degrees (not complaining however!). Down on the lake trail it was just so lovely, but once above it you can only see rocks and dry lake bed (but I'm still not quite ready to ask for rain). Almost no one else out there to share the trail, I wanted to tell everyone, "Quickly, quickly, not much time, enjoy this while you can!" But they are shopping at the mall, or cleaning the house, or other chores. For me, those things can wait. I can clean when it is dark. For now I ride, quickly.

Friday and C, almost camouflaged, glorious fall at the lake.


  1. It's so pretty here, too. I've been riding every single chance I get, feeling like each ride is The Last One before the rain comes and shuts down our singletracks. We need rain, but not yet, okay? Not just yet?

    1. I think so many people think pretty is green, or the stunning type of Fall. I like our peaceful tan and yellow fall, none of the ostentation, just slipping quietly into winter.

  2. The gorgeous golden fall! Daylight does slip by so quickly these days. Still, my favorite time of year.

  3. Love the sunset picture! You've got gorgeous scenery to ride in. We're entering the drab winter phase in VA, so I'm loving the eye candy on your blog!:)