Wednesday, August 7, 2013

lake to lake

I took Major for a short drag/ride. First he is a slug, then a crazy maniac. Seriously, he keeps me on my toes! Heading out I dragged him down the road, strung out behind me. Found a good rock and mounted up, he walked out but not too enthusiastically. Then I start worrying that he is ok. I should know better.

This was just a short tack test ride (I'd washed and rearranged stuff). I just wanted to check all the equipment before leaving to the Tahoe Rim ride. Through the forest Major was a slug, so I went down to the lake. The whole lake trail is already exposed, the lake very low, drought concerns creeping in.

Tiny boat between Major's ears? Nope, a floating potty! We're classy like that.

At the lake, in the nice sand (and rocks), finally a nice trot. Not too fast, loose rein. A few lovely collected canters too. About the half way point things speeded up a bit. Then more. Soon I had a start-of-an-endurance-ride fire breathing dragon. So I took the rock trail, to make him think. It worked a bit, till we turned for home into the forest.

low lake, exposed rocks, amazing clouds, great horse, amazing view

I did ask only for trot, and I got it. The big huge one. We ran by a jogger on the wide part of the trail. Then a good sized deer skeleton. Finally slowed and saw some other friends from a nearby ranch. They joked that Major saw other horses and would want to join them. Oh no way, we were going home!

Back home I untacked and put my tack in my trailer, one last thing to pack later. Then Tahoe this weekend, from one lake to another! I am totally looking forward to the Tahoe Rim Ride, lucky that I got in, hoping Major and I are up for the challenge.

But there is a lot to pack before that!


  1. OOoh I love that last picture! Have a good ride:)

  2. OMG, your views. Where do you live that you get such access to such beautiful trails? I want so badly to come out west some day and ride all these places that you western bloggers post pictures.

    Good luck on your ride!