Friday, January 18, 2013

fun model behavior

My SO stopped at our new Tractor Supply to check it out (how great is that already!) He bought me a tiny plastic little horse, because it looked like Major. Already awesome, right? Extra bonus points for him.

Let's make it even better. And customize!

Find the cutest face picture of your horse.

OK, done.

I have a white paint pen, and drew on Major's crooked blaze. Remember, this model is three inches tall, and the head is less than an inch long. You cannot be exact, but close enough is good. And then I added a little white sock, and tried to make that hoof lighter but not white.

It wasn't quite enough (I wasn't done playing). So I darkened the mane and tail with permanent marker, and added a tiny dorsal stripe. Love it. Done! (Sorry if you have a paint horse, you have a lot more work ahead of you! But if you start with a tiny plastic thing, that costs less than $1, it would be a fun afternoon project!)

Be extra ridiculous by finding a photo, printing it on large paper, and making a backdrop. Now take a silly photo.

And then another, adding your horse to all the silly stuff that is already on your desk.

Model Major is among friends
Now get back to work...


  1. Cute! Mini Model Major looked like a fun project.

  2. I LOVE Major's crooked blaze. It looks like he moved while they were painting him :) The mini model is adorable. Mine would be terribly boring since Ozzy is bay with no white markings.