Wednesday, September 26, 2012

go. just go.

I'm back, in body if not in spirit. If you haven't been to Glacier National Park, it must be on your bucket list. Hiked for miles, touched a glacier, saw mountain goats, big horn sheep, a distant bear and many chipmunks, and just sat and enjoyed the amazing view, peace and quiet. Hundreds of pictures can't do it justice, so I'll just give you a few. (No retouching, the colors are like this!)

Lake McDonald
On the Road to the Sun at a traffic stop, a small view...
Avalanche Lake
Oh so cute, fuzzy mountain goats

trail ride to Sperry Chalet
Lake Josephine

The trail to Grinnel Glacier
Grinnel Lake, Lake Josephine, Lake Shurburne

I hate being in pictures. But this is an awesome picture. I should BE this awesome.

Upper Grinnel Lake and the Grinnel Glacier (mostly out of picture to the left)

Entering Blackfoot Indian territory

Turning autumn

view from our hotel room at Many Glacier

Sunrise from the balcony

And if you're going to go, you've got about 15 years before the glaciers are gone. There is a very cool research project of the glaciers, repeat photos: same locations, years apart. This one is almost the same picture I took, and the others are just as fascinating. So go!

It was hard to come home from a vacation like that, but I did miss the horse and cat. My cat was well cared for and still pissed off when I got there. She followed me around incessantly when I was home, crying to never leave again. Then asked to go outside. Whatever. Major didn't care I was gone, he got good care and was spoiled (as usual). And happy I did not bring home a pet mountain goat. But he was happy to get out and go for a good ride, out in the woods, on the trails, though not quite the same...


  1. Wow, those pics are amazing! I'd love to go one day.

    Snicker at the cat. That's how mine always act when I leave and come back. "Where have you been? God don't touch me, I'm done with you."

    1. The cat's response is always such an ego-downer. The dog just loves you, the horse doesn't really care, the cat, now SHE has an opinion!

  2. OMG- You were like 15 minutes from my house! I live in Columbia Falls..Glacier is spectacular and I only get there once or twice a year, if I am lucky... pathetic, huh??

    1. Wow! We ate at a cute restaurant in Columbia Falls, nice town! You live in some beautiful country, I'm sure there are a ton of places to ride all over. At least you get there a couple times a year, I think when it's in our backyard it's tough. Lots of places I don't visit often here too (like Tahoe). Ok, next time I'm in Montana I'll let you know! 8-)

  3. That's funny. There are only a couple of restaurants in C. Falls..Did you make to Coffee Traders?? Great coffee and food. Yes, there are ton's of places to ride here but so many of them are on trails that get pretty treacherous or the footing is really really rocky, or there are too many bears. Definitely let me know if you make it here again.!

    1. We actually went to a little cafe, Palette. Delicious fresh sandwiches and salad. We were driving through, having to idea where we are, and just stopped.

      There were some REALLY rocky trails, including some straight slippery shale. And bears on the trails would certainly be scary. I was nervous about them, though we only saw one far away. We saw some horse trailers parked in the Park, and met some beautiful pack mules too.

  4. Some of those photos look like landscapes pulled from CGI desktop backgrounds. WOW!!!

  5. love glacier park!! did you eat huckleberries? Going to the Sun road was used in that awesome intro to The Shining.

    here it is:

    1. I didn't know that about the Shining, just watched it, very cool! (and too scary, I don't think I can re-watch that movie). We were too late for huckleberries, there were a few on the west side, but they'd either been eaten by birds, bears or humans before us. It was really amazing, I'd go back any time!