Saturday, June 9, 2012

expo day

Once a year here in Northern California is an extravaganza of epic proportions. HorseExpo is three days of shopping and lectures, clinicians and vendors. I could only manage one day this year, so opening day 9am I was ready to rumble.

Looking over the schedule there weren't a lot of lectures I was interested in this year. Now that I've gone every year for at least 5 years, many great topics (horse camping, trailer repair) I've heard many times. Colt starting didn't sound right for me, and while I did watch some great dressage and interesting nutrition demos, it was mostly about shopping.

This is just one part of one building. There are four buildings, two with second floors, I like to go through once, see where things are and check prices, then go back later to buy.

Mainly, there is lots of useless crap. Horsey toilet seat cover? Horse toy with mirror, stall latch and mini cowboy? But useless for me probably means someone else would love it. Lots of western bling shirts, belts, etc. Sadly, the vibrating manure fork was not in attendance this year.

The art show is very cool, statues, paintings, photography. I love the dragon horse.

There are a few things for dog lovers too, because every tiny mutt needs chaps!

It was a long, fun day. I need to wear a pedometer, I think I walked miles! I didn't buy too much, but found a gorgeous orange rope halter, and an orange water scoop. My big purchase is a cantle bag, just plain black. And I finally found a new Shed Flower, my favorite grooming tool.

Now I just want to get out and try out my new out Major!


  1. I had intended to go but ended up missing it for some reason. Glad you found some cool stuff. I personally love orange on dark horses, you'll have to post pics of major!

    1. It's a fun event, though I've been disappointed in the clinicians lately. The shopping is mostly ridiculous, but a whole day, surrounded by horse stuff, is pretty fun.

      I think most of my photos are of ears! I need to get some in all his fancy new clothes...