Thursday, May 10, 2012

happy birthday!

I know he doesn't care, but I do. I think it is fun that today is Major's ninth birthday. I was going to go for a ride (probably not what he would choose) but instead I tormented him other ways.
isn't that the cutest baby face!
Major got seen by the chiropractor today! Gee, happy birthday! But this was the day he could come out. Friends had recommended this guy, and it turns out he is also a fellow endurance rider. Fun to talk, Major was relaxed and happy at the end, found a few issues I need to remember to address, and learned some new stretches. Major likes them, as long as they're associated with carrots.
good stretch at the end.
So Major just gets to to relax after his adjustment, though I may make him wear a birthday hat later (evidence to come). And he'll get many more carrots. Happy Birthday Major!


  1. What a gorgeous baby face. Happy birthday, Major!

  2. I think an adjustment is a great birthday present for him!

  3. Happy Birthday, Major!

    He's an absolutely adorable baby!

  4. I have many cute baby photos his previous owner gave me. I think it's funny that he's all shaved up and fancy in baby photos. Now he's au natural, not like a show Arab at all!

  5. What a beautiful baby photo! It looks exactly like him too.