Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Major is very full of opinions. As a good trail partner, I often trust them, because dicey footing or poor choices could land us in trouble.

But our last outing he was seriously convinced I was wrong. Just wrong. We should not be going that way. Or this. We should be going HOME, which is THAT way!

all the trails I was wrong about according to Major

That is what I get for practicing on the dam hills, nice open trails and roads…that eventually lead home. But the trails are wet, muddy and slippery. Hence why I chose the dam trails!

This was OK, it is heading home!

Heading out Major was quite exuberant. Trotting on good footing, weee! A detour to the dam site was slightly less enthusiastic, and I swear he threw up his hands when we turned around…finally!

He still protested going down the cutoff trail (he hates the rocks) but at least we were heading in the right direction. Along the river he was positively giddy, oh boy!

icky rocks on cutoff trail
 sheds filled with rock cores from dam building

Then I turned up the "wrong" hill. That protest was actually a stop and spin the "right" way (most of his protesting is just slowing down and acting unconvinced of our direction). So then he had to trot up the wrong hill, oh boy!

what Major thinks

Sadly, at the top I actually WAS wrong. A trail that used to go through does not any longer, so instead of a big loop we had to backtrack.

I actually was wrong on this hill!
coming and going

Which was acceptable until we passed the turnoff. The trailer is two miles away up the hill. Home is more than 10 miles away by slippery trail. It did not matter, I was wrong.

skeptical of our direction along the river
rock ponds
Stopping to take photos of things was very wrong (as evidenced by annoyed ears). Being pet by hikers was ok. Luckily Major's protests are minor, and involve him stopping and longingly looking back the correct-to-him direction.

my favorite photo of the day, Tiny construction cone…giant rock mountain

up the road to the trailer (They didn't leave any shoulder trail which sucks)
Major sulked his way back up the hill. At the top he was finally happy,  (oh yeah, I forgot the trailer is here!) with some snacks.

are you done yet? Can we leave already?
I am glad his protests are not particularly serious. He isn't very barn sour, so I don't know what his mood was that day. Sometimes we trailer to the dam and ride home, and sometimes we don't. And I do trust his instincts on so many things…and no matter what, I'm glad my horse has an opinion (even if he doesn't always get his way)!


  1. Ashke walks with his head turned, looking back over his shoulder when he thinks we are going the wrong way. And sometimes when he knows we are on a loop. At least until we hit the mid point of the ride, then he gets forward and eager. They are too smart for their own good.

    1. Oh yes, the mid-point in a loop! Which is sometimes in a different place, but I often have a different horse on the second half!

  2. Good boy Major, many carrots! Don't you love that when they give us their advice? And when we can actually trust it? I haven't had that in years, but I'll get it someday.

    1. You'll get it, I think Mag has good instincts and a good teacher.

  3. Too smart for his own good LOL

    1. He certainly is…sometimes. Yesterday he spooked at the same cone 3 times. Ha!