Thursday, April 23, 2015

detour: opposite lands

The last month has had much traveling and not as much horse time as I would like, but I did get to go to two pretty opposite places: Portland, Oregon and Palm Springs, California. It was like bizarro world!

North and South, cold and hot, wet and dry, work and family, both fun and interesting in their own way. Portland was for work, without as much time to relax or explore, except when I could escape the hotel in the raining evenings. I found it glorious to be walking around in the rain, since we've had almost none in Northern California this year, I felt I was soaking it all in. Palm Springs was a visit with family, and involved a lot of relaxing, random shopping at thrift stores, sitting by the pool, and much reading.

I did love the juxtaposition of it all, and when looking through my photos, figured I could show that too.

Portland water: Willamette river

Palm Springs water: oasis along the San Andreas fault

Portland blue: cool lighted tree

Palm Springs blue: skies above the oasis

Portland blooms: cherry trees

Palm Springs blooms: cactus flower

Portland opposite surfaces: old and new

Palm Springs opposite surfaces: metal and rock

Portland architecture: amazing Brutalist fountain

Palm Springs architecture: secret garden gate

I didn't wander Palm Springs as much as usual looking at architecture, as it was 95 degrees and I'm not quite used to that yet! I usually love all the mid-century modern stuff. But the desert calls....

Portland panoramic

Palm Springs panoramic

Portland exploring: Powell's bookstore

Palm Springs exploring: that is the trail?
Palm Springs has a really nice art museum, small enough to enjoy, not enough to overwhelm. I'd been before, so just went through the new exhibits, and visited some favorites.

Portland design: old water tower and sign

Palm Springs design: potholder man sculpture!

Portland horse: bronze sculpture

Palm Springs horse: also bronze, but cast from driftwood

Portland wildlife: like water off a goose's back

Palm Springs wildlife: brave lizard watches

Portland standing tall: iconic sign

Palm Springs standing tall: me in signature orange

Portland coming home: Mt. Shasta still snow covered

Palm Springs coming home: agriculture quilt

Though the traveling is fun, it is always nice to be home with the view between Major's ears. Though I did see two other curious ears on the trail…

Home view: adventuring horse ears

home view: curious deer ears


  1. You have such a wonderful talent for taking photos that tell a story. I absolutely loved this post and how you presented the juxtaposition of two such different places. The garden gate photo is beautiful; it could be turned into a painting. I love the composition.

    That bookstore looks amazing! And how awesome that you checked out art museums in both places!

    1. Thanks! The bookstore is the best place ever. Multiple floors of new and used, every subject, truckers, coffee shop, it's a destination!

    2. Ha, autocorrect. Trinkets, not truckers! Though there are probably truckers too...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Sometimes photos is easier than writing!

  3. What Saiph A said. if you did these photos with a phone cam, hats off.. well hats off even if it was a real camera, because you have a talent there. Great comparisons.. always good to come home.. always good to leave in order to further appreciate home

    1. Just a phone camera, except the lizard, have to give credit to my SO for that nice zoom. And the one of me! I'm always glad to come home, this time it seemed like to the land of in between!

  4. I want that driftwood horse in my house!

    1. Me too, a whole herd. It's by Deborah Butterfield, she does amazing horses, in metal, driftwood, very cool.

  5. I didn't make it to Palm Springs on our trip to Southern, CA. Now - I feel like I at least got to see some of the sights! Beautiful photos! Lucky girl!