Thursday, February 15, 2018

conversations with major: personal ad

Hi Major, I hope you had a good Valentine's Day yesterday!
I did! Remember you gave me carrots AND alfalfa, and I ate grass, and it was a good day, but…
But what, you got everything!
I think I need even more friends. They would bring more treats! How about a personal ad?
More friends, really? All about the treats, I see. OK, I'm game, but how do you know about these things?!
The wi-fi reaches out here to the pastures, I mean, I heard the ladies talking, yeah, that's it.

personal ad profile picture

Well, let's think of what you want to include, what do you like?
Running around! Trails! Even the rocky ones!
So, "rugged outdoor type."
Yeah. I like my mash and hay net and pasture.
I'll write "cozy nights at home."
I REALLY like grass and alfalfa and carrots and apples.
Sure, "healthy eating and lifestyle."
Oh, and when you give me peanut butter sandwich!
I'm not including that.

posing for "healthy eating"

rugged yet sensitive type

Well, we have to write other stuff. What don't you like?
I like Friday and Beau and Bleu, but not really Rosie cause she’s crabby.
I get that, "Looking for a long-term friendship, no drama."
I don't like bananas. Or flies. Or when it rains and I'm trapped under my shelter. Or celery. Or when dinner is late.
Major, I can't include all the things, let's move on.

really Major, no drama?

What about leisure activities? Like relaxing?
I don't really like relaxing.
We have to put something!
Oh, I know, I like to chase bikes and runners! 
That's not really what I meant, but I'll write, "athletic pursuits."
Oh, and splashing in the lake!
Sure, "water sports."

action photo

I need pictures too!
I have lots of pictures.
Only use the ones that make me look cool. Sometimes you laugh. That is not a good picture.
Oh, but it is. I'll try Major.

I like to try new things: like this moss

I'll finish this up later Major, let's go for a hike.
Oh, I know, I like long walks in the forest!
That's a good one Major. Me too. 

Major's personal ad: Rugged outdoor type looking for a long-term friendship, no drama. Likes cozy nights at home, healthy eating and lifestyle, athletic pursuits and water sports. If you also like long walks in the forest, please let me know!

sunsets, long walks, and alfalfa


  1. Major - your profile makes you even more appealing (if that's possible)... too bad we're on the opposite coast. 💟

    1. You're welcome to visit anytime! (bring carrots)

  2. I love this . . . and Ashke loves peanut butter sandwiches too.

    1. I know that if Ashke lived here he and Major would be BFFs.

    2. And you and I would do a LOT of trail riding!!

  3. Add Snorkeling to water sport interests! And has he tried :-)