Thursday, September 8, 2011

relief and finding inspiration

I was hoping when I got to the stable today that Major's leg would look ok, but that piece of worry was still in the back of my mind. With relief it looks good, so we'll start working again, though probably slowly to start. It doesn't hurt to be cautious.

Maybe because of how I've been thinking lately, but I read some words I really liked. You never know when you might see or read something inspiring. A special spot on the trail, a gorgeous view, a moment in time with your horse. Other bloggers write some really great stories, and there are books and magazines filled with anecdotes.

Instead I found the words I really liked in a catalog. A random Ralph Lauren catalog showed up in my office. It has beautiful people in amazing clothes, but of course I flipped through it for the few horsey photos. (As an aside, for all the gorgeous photography, the horse pictures weren't that good.)

Near the end of the catalog is an 8 page layout of horses and dogs, called Kindred Spirits:

Animals have been our greatest guides—
braver than knights
protective, possessive
devilish, like children, yet surprisingly wise.

They show us that time is so often wasted
on fears that could be courageously faced

And that love, real love, cannot be lost
only waiting for us, on the side.

So hold tight to your companions
with all that you have.
For animals know far more
than we know.

I like this. I especially like the second paragraph about time and fears. I could think of quite a few things in my life that can fall into this category. Which is something to consider, an inspiration for change.

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