Monday, January 7, 2019

conversations with major: clean up

Um, Major, what is this mess?
What mess?
Don't be coy, see the side and wheel of the trailer!?

Tasty rice bran!
OK, I know the contents…
Then why did you ask?
Stop interrupting. Why is it all over the trailer?
Because I just ate!
Um, dude, the bowl was on the ground. Why is the mess on the trailer?
Because I have to pick my head up to chew it, the trailer is in the way.
In your paddock you don't do that with dinner!
It is different here, just wait, I'll clean up…

That is gross Major.
No, it's leftover tasty rice bran! 
Thanks for trying buddy.
It's good, you should try it.
NO THANKS, you keep your messy face over there.

But will there be more tomorrow?
It is really only for when we do something, like go for a ride.
Then can we go for a ride tomorrow?
Just so you can have rice bran?
Ummm, yes?!
Maybe Major, maybe.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

happy new year!

Sometimes the holidays can leave you laying a little flat-like a unicorn in the return pile of a department store. 
How sad: someone returned the unicorn

But it’s nothing that a New Year’s Day ride can’t fix. Major had a very hard time trying to keep four on the floor, but mostly behaved himself, for an uneventful ride. Just the way the year should start. 

Happy new year...again! I pretty much feel like Solstice is the beginning of the new year, but I’ll celebrate twice and welcome 2019! My family had a midnight tradition of milkshakes and hamburgers, I still do milkshakes, with mandarin juice added, so yummy! That was the extent of my wild evening. 

Mandarins and Major, a good start to the year. I wish a great 2019 to everyone!

First photo of 2019!