Thursday, January 10, 2013

quiet. cold. repeat.

All is quiet. And cold. I haven't been in the mood to bundle up like the Michelin man and try to ride much. Oh yes, laugh if you must, but a high of 45 is cold to me!

I did put on layers and join my friend M and her horse Zoe for an early (9am, ice on puddles, too cold!) ride. She calls her horse a trail horse, and Major an endurance horse, but both horses totally behaved themselves. She wrote about it nicely on her blog, I don't need to repeat it! And she took a good picture of me (all bundled up!) and Major on the rock outcropping (where she encountered a mountain lion a couple years ago!)

Another quick ride with B and Ziggy, along the lake, over the hill, controlled silliness. Both of us not wanting to boot up, both horses ably trotting over sand, rock and dirt. And trying to charge home! I think both these horses could go 25 miles no problem right now, but we kept it much shorter.

And today a quiet walk in the woods with a very bouncy horse. Major pulled me along, practicing tailing for some of the time. Walking alongside I looked in his eye: he was happy to be out, boldly moving forward, wondering where to next (hopefully the next grass patch). My friend C and her horse Bandit were along for the walk too. Major liked trying to trot, which made Bandit act up and be reprimanded. I swear I saw Major smiling after getting his friend in trouble.

It's still a bit hard to readjust to less riding and too much darkness. I'm hoping to trailer out for a new adventure this weekend, and until then I'm happy on the sofa, my kitty next to me, wood fire burning, and a good book. (The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, check it out.)

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