Tuesday, January 1, 2013

first day ride 2013

How you start the year is how it will continue...

My old trainer said this every year, as I tried to get a school horse for the annual New Year's Day ride. I think I rode every year, and I remember those horses: lovely Manzanita, and dear Echo, even once on the trainer's own Molly.

This year was on my own lovely Major. The day was cold and perfectly clear, January as only California can create. Along came my friend C and Friday.

We were set for an uncomplicated ride, the barn had some excitement earlier in the day! A fellow boarder fell off on the trail early this morning, and her horse ran all the way home, crossing the road, saddle beneath its belly! Scary! Horse is fine except for a few scrapes, rider too after a long walk home. NOT a good way to start the year, I wanted no repeat of that for our ride!

So we took it easy, and enjoyed the sandy lake trail, blue water, quiet geese and good company. Major had a few moments of brainlessness, cantering in the sandy stretches when only trot was asked for, but really, was pretty good.

Then we ran into my old trainer! I haven't seen her in years, and she always had a hard times with names and faces. She didn't remember C or I, but was out on her horse for the New Year's Day ride too. Happy trails!

We stopped for grass snacks along puddles and took it easy coming home (though we've been trotting through every puddle. The rule is if Major won't listen and trots when I didn't say so then he has to keep trotting through the puddle, which he didn't like. Except now he likes it. And I need another training tool!).

Happy New Year 2013! I may be disappointed that we do not yet have rocket jet packs and robotic house maids, but I am happy with my old-school transportation, my horse.

Here's to many more miles of trails in 2013.

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  1. Happy New Year! I spent the morning on my guy too. Here's to many miles and hope to see you at some rides in 2013!