Thursday, May 31, 2012

conversations with Major: silly

Hi Mom, what we doing? Yesterday we ate grass, I think eating grass is a good idea, let's go eat grass.
Let's just go on a quick ride.
Um, no. I don't especially like that idea. I'll try to eat this grass by the road instead.
No, we're just going into the forest and a quick loop.

seriously stupid
Ahh! What is that thing!
It's a truck dude, you aren't even afraid of trucks. Stop being silly and stand here.
But something must be eating it! It is being pulled into the ditch of doom! There must be a giant truck and horse-eating monster lurking, I better keep watch WAY over here!
NO, we're walking up to it, hold on while I take a picture, the truck isn't supposed to be out here, I need to report it.
A picture? Are you kidding me? No, we should definitely be getting out of here.
Stand quietly, and we will.

unicorn shadow on the trail

Why? Oh, maybe we're turning for home here? Yeah, this is a good place to turn around.
We've been out for 10 minutes, we're not turning around. Just stand here.
Oh, this is so HARD. Standing...waiting...standing...
Good boy
THAT was forever.
It was probably one minute.
I I said, forever. 

wild fig valley, always smells delicious
if you like, them, they'll be ready soon

Canter, canter, must canter.
Um, no, the trail drops off into the lake, for safety you can trot.
Fine. Trot, trot...canter.
No, now walk, there are rocks and tricky footing.
Are we there yet?
Just a bit more.

seasonal ferns
going-home ears

Oh, a home trail! Let's go this way!
No, that trail dead ends, you have to turn left and up the hill.
Hill? Oh, that is hard.
We do this all the time.
But home is the other way. Sometimes this is on the way home, sometimes it is, well, NOT HOME.
Too bad.

down the hill into darkness...

See, now we're at the top, let's just go a bit further.
It is nice out.
OK, yeah, it IS nice.
See? Now that you're not worried about going home you're not so silly?
No I'm still silly, I'm saving it for later.

blackberry trail: soon delicious, now, dangerously scratchy

I love this trail!
But be careful, there are lots of blackberries, they are scratchy.
Fine. Prance, prance, this is my going home dance.
Again, knock it off.
It's just the silly, it comes back you know.
Oh, I know...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Major thinks he is quite the comedian. I've told him most horses tell some pretty similar tales.

  2. wow, he's beautiful. this was a great post. i love his adorable happy ears, and look, his mane is on the right side! so...there are blackberreis in california?

    1. I never paid much attention to where his mane is, do most people train it to the other side? The right is just where it is naturally. We have LOTS of blackberries here! There is a native berry, but mostly what we have are introduced Himalayan blackberry, which while invasive and nasty, is delicious.

  3. This is so good. Major has more personality than any gelding I've met!

    1. Oh, he's full of personality, though a bit like a 3 year old boy. A bit destructive and spacey, with good intentions. Today he had to rearrange the hitching area, knocking over the saddle rack. The Feng-shui must have been wrong!