Sunday, May 6, 2012

saddle update

The saddle fitter came out, and expressed dismay over his marks. Last year we'd hoped to spread out the pressure under the stirrup bars, which happened, but too much pressure still. We both wish Major was more demonstrative with pain, and his back was a little reactive in certain areas.

His back is more developed than when I got the saddle a couple years ago, so I asked about other options. She still thought that this saddle is OK, and that to get better distribution I'd need to move into a more endurance or western style. But I love my dressage-style saddle!

While she was reflocking, I did retry a Specialized Eurolight. She shimmed it for Major, and I headed for the arena. Felt weird at first, but most new saddles do, so I kept riding to give it a chance. Got the stirrups adjusted, did some trotting, and already in less than 10 minutes my left hip was in pain. More adjusting, fixing my position, nope. Hate it. Sorry folks who like it! The saddle fitter said its just such a personal choice, she didn't really think it would work for me either.

So I'm going to ride in my reflocked and adjusted Arabian Saddle Company Solstice for awhile longer. A few weeks, checking to make sure there isn't more pain reaction, see how he moves, etc. That's kind-of all I can do for now.

In a month is Horse Expo in Sacramento, a great place to check out a variety of saddles. I'll keep that in mind. And keep saving into the new saddle fund just in case.


  1. Arabian Saddle Co makes good saddles but as we learn as riders... even the best saddles out there don't fit every horse. I'm sure you'll figure this out either by luck or sheer determination... and maybe a little praying to the saddle gods. Rose's shoulder came in even whiter with her summer coat and I'm still kicking myself for taking so long to transition her saddle. On the other hand... she had some major pressure points under the Y of her rigging that I have to now resolve. Our work as the rider is never finished. I may be coming back down to 25s until I get all my saddle bugs worked out.

    As far as style though... I think as long as you watch weight distribution and ride balanced you should be fine. Not all riders need the endurance/western base... I like it though. ;)

    1. I figure for now the saddle fitter has done what she can, I'll ride a bit and see how it goes. No use jumping into a new saddle that may or may not fit, that'll take even more research. I hate that we can't instantly "fix" this, but as you well know, it's an ongoing saga!

  2. The Specialized looks like it has a very wide twist. That might be why it's killing your hips.

    I'm really enjoying your posts - a "cousin" of my horse just won the National AERC 100 at Biltmore this past weekend - they are both BR horses and related on the dam side. I might need to rethink getting back into endurance. :) So keep inspiring me.

    1. Yeah, the Specialized is quite wide, perfect for some, but not me.

      How cool about your horse's relative! I have another friend I'm inspiring to do a 25, now that I've done it and see how "do-able" it actually is. For you: think of it as cross training! 8-)

  3. Enabler. :) Taj does thrive on diversity, so maybe that's not such a bad idea.

    Hope your saddle re-flock works for you, I understand what you mean by preferring the English type saddles.