Saturday, June 2, 2012

moving on up?

I'm planning my next ride to be Wild West. I love the area, it should be awesome later in the month. Went camping there last year, some pretty great trails. They offer a myriad of options: first day 55 and 30, second day 50 and 35, third day 50 and 25. I've looked at the finishing times from last year, read all the info, and I still can't decide.

Is it too soon to try a 50? Only one 25 under our belts/girth? We have been doing 20 mile training rides every couple weeks, which are no problem. The 35 says "good transition for LD riders getting ready for 50." Maybe that is a better option?

I thought about doing multiple LDs, but it is just getting pretty expensive. But I could be convinced...

This will be my last ride for a few months. I'm going horse camping again, and hope to get out to the coast. Camping without horses, other vacation and plans all must be balanced (this adult life/fun/work/money balance thing sucks. I want to do it ALL).

Too many options to ponder. But my entry needs to be sent in. Any suggestions? Opinions? Completely unrelated interesting facts?

Major says he's outta here. He'll be waiting at the gate.


  1. How tough does it say the terrain is? It's possible that one of the days of 50s is easier than the others, that is usually the case at multi-days, so maybe get in touch with ride manager to check? If there is a relatively easier 50, go for it! If they say each day is pretty challenging, doing a couple of LDs may be pricey but would tell you solidly one way or the other if a 50 is what you should be doing..just my thoughts..

    1. Good idea to ask the ride manager. One day is a 55, the other two are 50s. Looking at the times (of the slowest, where I would plan to be) ride time of 8 hours, seems reasonable. Scary, but thanks for the advice!

  2. Well, whatever you decide, I'll be there to cheer you on and help SO crew for you!
    Oh, and I don't MEAN to be anonymous, I'm just not tech savvy enough to know what to put there!

    1. Thanks! (and to not be anonymous you just have to be logged in as a google or other user, or you can pick name and just type it in)