Saturday, June 19, 2010

why I ride

Days like this are why I ride. 80 degrees, warm breeze, Major on the trail having fun. Saddled up, headed out to the lake. The water is so high, so trails that usually are 40 feet above the water are only about 10! Kept the pace restrained going out, averaged 5.7 mph, which is pretty good on the rocky, narrow trails. I'm be afraid on wide-open trials, there'd be no stopping! We'll be working to get better brakes installed before anything like that. Major is very good about slowing on downhills and over rocks. At the staging area (4.75 mile mark) I went a bit farther just to check the trail. It was boring heading toward the dam, so headed back. I let Major trot (within safety limits) as fast as he wanted (the trail is wider, more open, mostly flat). He trotted the .71 miles back to the staging area at 13.8 mph! So that is his fast trot! I was amazed at that, but would rather keep it at a nice working trot. He is still fighting to go faster, but going home was a more sedate 7.3 mph. Total was 11 miles, I'd love to get a longer ride in, but am glad we're improving our trail behavior and time, there is time enough for other plans.

At home Major tried the complimentary De-Lyte Bites that were sent to us. I have never tried any electrolytes, and Major will eat almost anything (but not peppermints!). He took the treat from me, and did the "I'm chewing something different" face. That became the "look at me, I'm cute, I'd like more please" face. He got one more, I'll save the other two for now. He definitely thought they were yummy! I forgot to take them in my saddle bag, but they seem like they'd hold up well.

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