Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dam nice view

A very good ride, though some unexpected twists. When I got to the barn I didn't have a plan. It was hot, 98 or so. I was lazy. I got my saddle and stuff out, got Major from pasture, contemplated not going for a ride. But this week is busy, and this was my best opportunity.

Didn't want to ride in the hot arena, so just headed off down the trail. Thought maybe to stay in the forest where it is shady. Major was being good, so I thought maybe we'd go a bit further. I settled to heading towards Granite Bay. We went to a fabulous lookout point on the trails at Twin Rocks. These are very heavily traveled by mountain bikers, but I hadn't seen anyone. We were heading up a trail at a trot, and there was a biker coming down. I moved into the grassy side, kept moving, letting him go by. Didn't even think about it until later, when I realized I'd never been with Major and seen a bike. Guess they don't bother him! I do think it helps that I didn't care in the least. That was the only other person I saw all day. Guess it was too hot! At the top of the hill is a great view of the lake and the dam. Hadn't been on that trail in years!

Coming home up one hill Major did decide to not listen to my leg and the tree trunk was just too close. My knee will survive, but looked pretty ugly, and my new breeches will need a creative sewing job. Damn! For that we turned away from home and went down a big hill he doesn't like, sidepassing and listening the whole way...

On the way out we had a great pace, 7.5 mph, but coming home did slow a bit and do a lot of walking for the last 20 minutes, wanted to get Major cooled down. A good hosing off, good beet pulp snack and called it a night. He'll get a couple days off, and hopefully a ride on a newly revised Avery Pond trail on Friday.

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