Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hot trails, hot horse

It is hot, and we're not used to it. Major was already sweating when I got him from pasture. In the shade it was not too bad, so I thought a nice ride in the forest would be good. We were having a nice time, mostly walking, when asked for a trot he was just in a mood to pull, and pull and pull. Faster and faster, I hate that contest. I "win" but am not happy about the behavior. We'll be working on it. We worked on stopping lightly from voice and seat, on backing, on listening. Having the lesson last week reminded me of the holes in his education as well. Holes that I need advice on how to fill. I talked with the trainer, who is willing to take me on some trail rides, as it is hard to replicate the behaviors in the arena. I'm looked forward to it, better communication for all of us.

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