Tuesday, October 9, 2018

chance of clouds

The cloudless days of summer are behind us. Northern California just got the first rainfall of the season, and the clouds are moving in.

cloudless view

As it gets darker every day (arghh, yuck) at least I take some solace and find a silver lining in the much more interesting skies we've encountered in the last couple of weeks.

really sky? You need to decide!

clouds reflecting on lake

windy and cloudy, oh boy, hold on!

Will we get rained on? Will Major act like an idiot in the wind? Just how silly CAN he be on these first cooler days?

poser blue heron

stacking clouds

Major thinks he can find the silver lining by trying to open the feed bin. Given enough time, I bet he can!

just another minute, I've almost got it…

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  1. You post the most incredible between the ears photos...