Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It is easy to get caught up in a busy life, and get frustrated, and whiny: my horse is a little bit broken, I work too many hours, it's 105 degrees... I was reminded today to be grateful.

My wonderful trimmer was out today, every four weeks since Major's feet grow like crazy. He's been trimming Major for almost three years, we talk and know the basics of each other's life. We were talking, the usual banal chit-chat about weather, his horses, kid, etc, and he said he'd been busy with family stuff. I'm not the type to pry, so I just said I hoped everything would be OK. He told me about his family tragedy, and my heart just breaks for everything they're going through.

You never know quite what to say in such a situation, except a heartfelt "I'm sorry." People going about their lives, doing their jobs, and you may never know the background situations they're dealing with.

Play with your pets, enjoy your horses, love your family and friends. Simple. Grateful.

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  1. You are so right. I would jump right onto your too hot, kinda-broken horse pity party're right. We should just step back and be grateful :)