Thursday, June 2, 2011


Some days just make you smile. The sun was finally out, and there were fluffy white clouds in blue skies. I thought about riding, but I'm riding in the morning, so decided to take Major on a hike. At first he was a little reluctant: leaving home when dinner was coming soon! But we walked down the road and into the forest, finding some yummy grass along the way. Then he was reluctant to leave the grass!

We headed up an unused horse trail, it's overgrown since some limbs block the trail for riding, but hiking is OK. About halfway up I heard a sound, and turned trying to pinpoint it. It sounded like squirrels scrambling up the bark of a tree. I looked around, and up to a large pine tree about 20 feet away...where two baby bears were clinging! Mama bear had to be somewhere, but we didn't stick around to find out. Major didn't notice anything, but I hiked really fast to the top of the hill and back down Beginner's hill to leave the area. If I'd been riding I'd have felt safer, but a mama bear with cubs on the ground is not something to mess with.

Hiking towards home we took a few more grass breaks, Major was happy to be out, and me too! The trails aren't too wet from the recent rains, and we just meandered around, my favorite kind of hike. Heading up a hill towards home, there are some big rocks. I taught Major to stand there while I got on right when I first got him. I climbed the rock, he stood there, we do this all the time when hiking. But his eager ears and glistening coat just called to me. Yes, I knew I only had a halter, and no helmet, and it was dumb. But I climbed on and he stood nicely, and we walked off. I haven't ridden bareback for awhile, I'd almost forgotten feeling the strength of the horse, but Major walked along, behaving himself, taking care of me. He was striding out with his power walk home, and I just had a smile on my face. We crossed the meadow and the creek before I hoped off for the road back.

Gold star for the day, gold star for Major. Sometimes it is the simple things that make you remember why you love your horse.

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