Thursday, April 29, 2010

i'm melting...

That is what Major was thinking yesterday! After lunch with friends I took the afternoon to get another ride in the saddle. I only have 7 days to make sure it fits us both. It had been cloudy all day, but just threatening. Of course I put on the saddle, adjust the bridle, and the rain starts coming down, pouring down! Ack, my trial saddle, nice leather, ack! We don't have a barn, but went under the cover by the hay (so Major got an early snack). It let up after a few minutes, so decided I didn't melt and hit the trail.

Major thought this was a terrible idea. He is a huge wimp when it come to rain, is the first to run for his shelter, looking at you pitifully and act miserable. I told him he was a horse and he could deal with it! We started out grudgingly up the road at a walk. The trails were super slick, so walk was all I wanted to do. Major was an anxious jerk, hating the rain, at one point going to fast, losing his footing, and slipping down a steep hill. I gave him his head to let him balance himself, and then we had a discussion that the trails were fine for walking but anything more was silly.

I did cut the ride short and only was out for 40 minutes, 2.5 miles. We got home safely and of course, the rain stopped, hints of sun came out. He was now acting like he loved me making cute faces, so he got his evening supplements early...but still got turned back into the wet pasture. Where he went and stood by the gate to his night-time paddock. Horses...

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