Wednesday, April 14, 2010

full of it

Two days of rain, wet turnout, cooped up horses. Handwalked on Monday in the rain, a little frisky, not bad. Yesterday went to get him in the pasture and he was galloping around, up and down the hill, a great extended trot up to me! I had the feeling he'd be a handful, so turned him out in the arena. Now, this horse usually just trots over and eats some grass growing through the fence. Yesterday he went cantering around, knocked over a couple jumps (not a jumping prospect!), was all about his Arab self, proud and prancing and just showing how pretty he is!

But it was work time, which wasn't a ride, but a 4-mile loop hike. I needed the hike as much as him, but it sure would have been easier to ride. We had some discussions (the entire time!) about manners, snatching grass, jumping puddles, etc. Really proved to me (though I didn't need it proven) that full-time turnout is truly best. I don't like the paddock-at-night situation, but it is currently my best option.

We'll see what today brings...

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