Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 We've been living in an old ashtray for almost four weeks, but I'm learning to deal with it and actually pretty happy with that.

We have not had to evacuate (though all is packed and planned as it can be). Every morning the first thing I do is check the air quality app, and am sadly disappointed.

this hay is so much better (exactly the same)
mmm, hay bag is tasty

Major and the rest of the horses seem largely unaffected, though incredibly bored. I've been giving him a slow feed hay net with the string removed and locking carabiner on top. This is great fun to throw around the pasture, keeps him busy. He did tear down one shade curtain and removed the safety pipe around some poles though…

Trying SO HARD to be good, see that look though?!

As far as we go, just to the forest entrance

I've been taking him on a short daily walk, and he tries to be very good. I can handle about half an hour outside, and try to find him some hidden green grass, but I've come home walking a dragon/kite a few times now.

hazy Foresthill bridge

I tried a short hike underneath the Foresthill bridge on a "less than 150" day. Yeah, I need less than 100 to manage outside I discovered!

Even the Magic 8 ball can't help me

When this smoke clears we'll need to ease back into riding, as the horses have been breathing this bad air for weeks. Taking it easy will be a tough sell I think! (We did one short ride on a day when it was less than 100 air quality, but it was 95 degrees, so that helped lower the enthusiasm!)

our "new normal" sunrise

Until we can ride/hike/kayak/camp again at least there is work, and crafts, and football to occupy my time. The sun shall rise (though smoky), and I shall have to be patient. Not mine (or Major's!) strong suit, but we're certainly having to work on it! 


  1. Yes, patience is required. I’ve been doing many of the indoor tasks that I put off in summer weather. Much more fun to play outside than inside during good weather, however the smoke here is driving me inside. My AQI varies this morning-anywhere between 322-419. No matter how I look at it, it’s bad. Glad to see Major doing well. And I could actually see somewhat sun and clouds in your picture!

    1. yes, you're sadly also in the thick of things there in Oregon. I feel like when the smoke clears I'm going to try and fit in all the things I've missed doing in a rush before Fall is over!

  2. Oh wow, don't know what to say. From my point of view you are clearly in hell! But I understand it could be much worst. Wish you all the best and yes, start slowly when you are able to start again.

    1. Thank you. We're just yesterday trying for slowly, Major has another opinion on that!