Monday, June 5, 2017

play time

Where did May go? I guess I was busy with horse play time. Did you ever run around the house pretending to be a horse? Ride your plastic bounce horse on a wild chase (almost straining the springs to their breaking point!) I had an awesome 1970s hop ball (I think it had a horse shape, or I pretended it was at least!) anyone with one of those? Remember how fun it was?

So I spent May recreating that as an adult. There has been too much adulting (ok, I seriously hate that word, but it works for this) in my life lately. I figured I'd condition for endurance eventually. Maybe. It takes so much time and planning, this many hours/miles/elevation this week, when's the ride, plan and plan some more).

Nice face Major.

So I had fun just playing. Explore a little, ride with friends, see old buddies and new trail. It's just some fun.

loud helicopter ruins a ride

There was watching (and hearing) a helicopter lifting logs at Folsom Lake to clear debris (incredibly loud, even in the distance, and seems super inefficient, but obviously I'm not an expert!).

There was coming down from Auburn to the dreaded waterfall bridge, normally packed with people and feral children, instead with just one actually polite guy, wow!

Hi Tux!

An actual arena practice (oh, it was NOT pretty) then a visit with Major's not-friend Tux. (But they were polite, Major didn't bite him this time!)

piggy-back pig

Days for found squeaky pigs, giant horse-eating puddles, too much energy and just snacking.

giant puddle needs inspection
snacking in the overgrown lot

In the last couple weeks I figured I should do some conditioning if I want to do an endurance ride this summer. But we still explored some trails not traveled in awhile, watched the grass turn golden and the lake rise higher and higher, found a pond we'd never seen before and encountered snakes (the good kind!).

Is that buckeye or are you happy to see me?

golden grass

rising lake

discovered pond!

Tevis-bound friend exceeding the speed limit

California King snake
But it has still been fun, and not work, so my goal is accomplished. Major is my modern day bounce horse. Luckily we can travel a bit farther than the living room, and he's pretty non-spooky. I swear bouncing on the shag carpet was unpredictable!

Now we're more serious about adding some miles, but I still plan on keeping it fun, for both of us! So if that means extra time spent snorkeling at the trough, that's what we'll be doing.


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe. Since my mind is often that of a 12-year-old boy, Buckeye is called the penis tree. First the flowers, then later it has balls... yes, juvenile. And silly.

  2. "Is that buckeye or are you happy to see me?" ;-)

    1. You know the tree, so...phallic! And Friday put his best face forward (unlike Major...)