Tuesday, January 10, 2017

rain delay

Start the year off as you want to continue: I did a short, uneventful New Year's Day ride, the best kind.

But I don't know if it has stopped raining since then. Major stands forlornly, looking out at the wet. He has chosen to remodel his shelter during the rain! Guess he was bored because he chewed and pulled off all the protective corrugated pipe around the posts. He has to stay under the shelter: didn't you know he will melt out in the pasture? Sigh.

not a scary bag since it always carries goodies!

A blue bag of alfalfa and a new orange grain pan keep him occupied for a little bit. An afternoon hike yesterday was cut short by threatening clouds opening up and dumping on us!
The adventures of Captain Major and his orange feed pan

Since the riding trails are a slippery mess, (and Major would melt anyway) I managed to get out and do a short hike. The river was rising quickly, and everyone else was hiding inside.

lovely path

rushing: South Fork of the American River

gray and wet and lovely

But it was so gray and green and lovely. The mossy rocks are happy with all this rain, and the muddy river sped by. 

stick and raindrop still life

tiny mushrooms grow on a mossy rock

The trail I hiked is now under the rising water. I think I'll stay inside and watch the cat.

Jack on his throne

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