Tuesday, August 23, 2016

trail olympics

The inspirational 2016 Olympics are over. I watched lovely horses walk, run, jump and every gait in between. I was in awe of the horses strength and finesse, agility and speed. And their amazing riders!

I think Major was watching too. Though maybe with not quite as much attention to detail. This has resulted in some recent Trail Olympics.

natural obstacles

galloping not galloping track

Major is back on the trails in fine form. Taking it easy and working back up to a level of fitness is important, though he doesn't quite believe me. Walking rides are fine. Add in some speed and high-jinks ensue. Too much time off has left him wired to explore, or explode. I've kept him in check while still getting out, but our recent ride alone resulted in some pretty epic Trail Olympics.

The Trail Olympics are open to all riders and types of horses. They are not performed at the high levels as the recent Rio games, though your horse/your adrenaline may think so!

Cross Country:
Galloping Track (no, just trot please!)
Log Jump (just step over the downed tree please, no leaping)
Bank Jump (no, stay on trail, watch the dropoff!)
Table Jump (no, leave the picnickers alone, they have nothing for you)
Water Jump with three options (small puddle = swerve around. Large puddle = stopping with silly splashing. Lake = trying to swim)
Sandy Area (no rolling!)

Stadium Jumping:
Triple Combination Fence (watch out for the tree, rock and poison oak!)
Oxer Fence (careful with your feet up over the rocks please)
Open Water Jump (no, you can just walk through the creek)

Spooking at A (long, pink trail ribbon from the running race)
Halt at X (look, grass!)
Extended Trot (wheee, going home!)
Passage (towards home when not allowed to Extended Trot)
Piaffe (when not allowed Extended Trot or Passage home)

trail hazard: rattlesnake ahead (not pictured!)

big water jump

I know some of you have participated in these sports with me, and if you think of another category let me know. I will add them to the next Trail Olympics, due to be held…the next time you're on trail!

make sure your horse has correct turnout : turkey feather is an alternative to fancy braids


  1. Lol! Btw I'm pretty sure the pink ribbon is from my race on Saturday.

    1. they were! For some reason they randomly used 3 foot long ribbons that fluttered across the trail. Major was suspicious!

  2. Haha I just love your sense of humor. And Major's just too cute! ^.^

  3. Haha this is a little TOO perfect. I can totally commiserate on extended trot, passage, and piaffe...

    1. I thought a lot of people would be competing with us! Glad you're in the competition!

  4. That's going to be our game when we're finally back on the trail! High jump is our specialty