Tuesday, November 5, 2013

saving daylight

Every year at this time I am like a squirrel, gathering hours of daylight where I can. I feel a sense of anxiety about the coming dark. Other people love fall, and while I love the colors and crisp coolness, the daylight getting less and less every day is like a sense of doom. I know it's ridiculous, but I'd rather just hole up until spring.
Since I can't do that, I get outside as much as I can. I left work early (maybe it doesn't count as playing hooky if you have permission from your boss, but it was an afternoon during the week to ride. I'll call it lucky!)

a long view of the very reduced lake

I was just planning on a short forest jaunt. Major changed the plan by being a total snot while trying to come home. So a 4-mile casual ride turned into a 10-mile speed event. Sounds awful? It was great.

sandy lake trail beckons
Major wanted to run all over. We argued while on the single-track trail, it is not acceptable for cantering, so I kept him at a trot and we dodged hanging tree branches and headed in the general direction of home. We got to the turn into the forest, and I just said No, we're going the long way around. Major was a bit miffed, but quickly decided he wanted to keep up the speed. We got to the sandy lake trail and I was done arguing, so I said fine, canter (correctly) as much as you want. About half way through the sandy lake trail he had a change of heart, it was hard work! But I kept him working and soon I had a horse who was very ready to listen and even slow down a little! Eventually I had a nice working trot and we headed home like sensible people.

Back at the stable it was still warm enough to give the sweaty beast a bath, and he promptly rolled then stood in the sun and fell asleep! I went home and had lunch with the cat.

Cat on lap says "I will help you with that pizza"

Then I decided on an impromptu trip to Tahoe. This is the off season, but my favorite time to visit. There is no one there, no one on the shore, the trails to ourselves, cheap hotel stays, perfect. You seriously can't take a bad picture either.

Tahoe almost looked like the ocean

no small rocks to stack? Try balancing pinecones instead.

found art: our instinct to build anything, anywhere is so interesting

ladybird trying to warm herself on a piece of granite

insects leave mysterious writings to decipher

yellow aspen carpet

sun peaking through clouds

a bit of snow on the Tahoe Rim trail

a view and contrail from the Rim trail

sunset from Tahoe north shore

coolest boat/car! I want this, so Mad Max!

I got home in just enough time to take the pony for a walk in the gathering dark. It was so lovely, there were yellow trees and a dusky sky. And it was already almost dark at 5:30. I hate fall.


  1. Awww, now you are making me homesick with all those photos of Tahoe.

    1. glad to be of service, such a lovely place, I feel lucky it is almost in my backyard.

  2. Stunning. Stunning. STUNNING photos.

  3. Beautiful pics! Absolute LOVE "Sun peeking through clouds"!
    And that boat/car thing looks like something you'd see at Burning Man.

  4. Wake me up in January, when the sun is starting to come back? I just want to crawl under a blanket and stay there for Nov+Dec.

    Love the Tahoe pics! Glad Major is feeling so good too :)

    1. exactly. After December 21 things slowly get better, but then it has to warm up too (California whining!).

  5. I felt exactly like you about daylight savings time and the sunlight going away - really anxious. which was weird because as a kid I LOVED winter and fall, but that was before I did horses and before I needed the light in order to ride the trails. That changed last year when I started snowboarding. Now that I have a "winter hobby", I actually looked forward to the changing of the seasons. It doesn't hurt that i can ride year round, even in the dark if I want to, but having a second winter only hobby really took the pressure off the sunlight dissapearing and the rains coming. We will see how I feel once Jan and Feb roll around, but so far I haven't had the wailing and gnashing of teeth that I usually do around this time of year, and that anxiety and dispair.

    1. It does help when I get the time to go snowshoeing. and I too ride in the dark, often bareback, and have a good time. I try to get outside during the day at work, etc, but it still totally gets me down and anxious at the same time. So I fill my life with too many projects (an upcoming post is about that!)