Friday, March 1, 2013

spring vaccines

Monday it was vaccination day at the barn. I was worried already. Major has previously had reactions, so I'm super careful. He gets the minimum needed. Now, I know this is different for everyone, and vaccinating anything is controversial. But I think vaccines are important, but have to balance that with the health of my horse.

Luckily I have a great vet I really trust. He makes suggestions, I research, we come to consensus. Today started with IV benamine. I don't like the extra cost, but it really seems to help. After that a quick vaccine shot. Major is a very good patient, and got carrots and some crack hay (alfalfa). And I waited and watched.

Trying not to look up into his pasture every minute, I dissembled and cleaned all my tack. And washed my girth, bridle and more. And then checked on him: eating peacefully, no issues.

I moved to my inside tack area. How does all this crap accumulate? There was stuff that should be at home, stuff from the trailer, just stuff. As my friend B noted, it was "chaos with orange accents." Love it.

Chaos with orange accents

And Major was still bright and perky, probably wondering why I was still at the barn. So we took a walk to munch on grass.

I left for the day, he seemed fine. No calls, even better! But the next day he was super sore, and a bit stocked up from not moving around. I should have kept him on the benamine. He had a tiny fever, and got a dose of benamine, and walked to eat grass, slowly and not very happy. I hate seeing him like that!

Wednesday much the same, but more willing to eat and trotted behind me as well. Still stocked up. Yesterday (Thursday) he was a complete idiot while being led, seemed to feel just fine! Stocked up in two legs that went away with hand-walking/prancing down the lane. Still won't bend his ouchy neck for a carrot, but pulled away dragon-snorting at two other horses galloping around. After that he didn't walk, but pranced, tail in the air, I don't know if his feet even touched the ground.

perky boy gets to just eat grass for awhile

He is so completely full of it, and needs a good long ride. But I'm giving him at least the weekend off, except maybe a hand-walk hike. He obviously has some sort of response still going on. I'm debating next year spacing the vaccines out even more. Since he already gets the minimum (in a 3 way shot) I could do each individually. I know this reaction is not much in the grand scheme of things, but I can see it is bothering my horse (and me!)

So I get some time to hike and chill out, Major gets to eat grass and probably scheme his next devious ride with me.


  1. Sounds like typical reactions our horses have experienced, thus the reason I have all but stopped vaccinating exept for tetanus. Every spring I wonder if I have made the right decision. Maggie is now at a boarding facility. I am wondering if I should reconsider. She is in an outdoor pen but it seems like alot of horses are coming and going so I am concerned that she is at a bit of a risk. I might have to consider flu/rhino at the very least. My vet has never suggested banamine prior to shots but that is interesting. I have administered banamine after a couple days when they were so sore they could not put their head down to eat or drink. Hope Major is on the mend!

    1. We have a large mosquito population, so I'm not willing to give up the WNV. Tetanus of course. I skipped the flu/rhino, which was what we think Major reacted to a couple years ago. I think the benamine really helps, but I should just do it for a couple days after. You don't need to do IV, if you dose yourself earlier in the day (I'd forgotten).

      Boarding barns with lots if movement would be tough. My barn is pretty quiet, but we do travel out for rides. It's always something to worry about!

  2. We used to have problems with quite a few horses at the barn after vaccines (swelling, soreness, etc.)
    After I moved I started using a different vet who apparently uses a different brand of vaccine and have not had any reaction.
    I think the vaccines that caused the soreness were from Ft. Dodge. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. You know what? Fort Dodge was the same one we really had issues with . It s when the whole reaction thing first started for us. In fact, Fort Dodge paid to have our vet come out and administer banamine so the horses could move. I asked the vet at the time if he thought it was something specific with the brand and he did not believe that would make a difference.. very interesting that you have have had better luck with a different brand.

    1. I'll have to find out the brand. This is all very interesting, thanks for the feedback!