Saturday, January 1, 2011

year in review and plans

The last few days I've been looking over all the statistics from my gps rides. I know it doesn't include all the hours in the arena, or some smaller rides, but it is pretty representative. In January 2010 I logged almost no trail miles and Major and I worked on our relationship in the arena. The ratio slowly changed, and in July I had about 65 trail miles. Our average speed also increased as we learned the trails and worked on conditioning. Some months were different depending on taking lessons (less trail miles) or holidays (more miles!). Overall my log shows 436 gps trail miles. Of course many people log that in a couple months, or just on endurance rides, but I really like seeing in numbers and evaluating progress. I'm also just a nerd with a calculator.

I am not a planner and I don't make new year's resolutions. I would rather try something new or accomplish something without the stress of a commitment. (yes, total commitment-phobic). At Christmas my Grandma asked us each to say what we were hoping to do in the next year. I was first up and had to say the first thing that came to mind: to ride in an endurance ride. I kind of shocked myself to say that, knowing how far I am from that right now, but must be foremost in my thoughts. I'll be evaluating that idea throughout the spring.

For now I'm just hoping for a happy and healthy horse and more adventures to come.

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