Monday, November 1, 2010

just wait a day

The saying "If you don't like the weather in California, just wait a day." That certainly proved itself today: yesterday was wet, overcast and misty, today was crystal clear and warm: a perfect Halloween. Started out to ride in tshirt, long sleeve and vest. Left to ride in just a tshirt. It was close to 80 degrees as we headed out on the trail. We started off following a new-to-Major trail, and found that the power company had cleared a long section of it (below power lines). That left a long nice stretch to canter, with Major and I both just enjoying the feel of the clean air, the smooth footing, the path ahead.

I had thought about another good long ride today, but partway through changed my mind. I was enjoying myself, Major was happy, it was a beautiful warm day to sit in the sun. So after we made it to dead-car point (people somehow manage to get cars all the way out here, then trash them, just lovely) and inspiration point (with it's beautiful oak tree) we headed home. Major was really sweating in the unexpected warmth (and just where does all that winter fur come from, I swear it just pops up). We had one bit of disagreement coming home, where we went back and forth about five times because Major just couldn't contain himself to a trot and kept breaking into canter. Still we both had a nice ride, and we got home where he got hosed off (sponge bath was just not going to do it) and a good messy roll in the wet sandy arena.

I let my my now dirty, sandy horse back into the pasture, where instead of trotting off he hung out with me back to the gate, then stayed around while I talked with some friends. I feel privileged when they make that choice, to be with a person, that I am part of his herd.

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